Everett O'Keefe, International #1 Bestselling Author and Founder of The Masters Mastermind
We found the weather beautiful, the scenery outstanding and the property at work of art. What a relaxing week.
Steve and Barbra (PA)
Absolutely Beautiful! Thanks for the hospitality and kindness.
Steve & Barb (AB)
We had a wonderful time. What a beautiful home, we all do not want to leave. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous get-a-way with us. I am sure we will be back.
Nelson & Sharon (Canada)
Thanks so much for the lovely week. The extraordinary beauty and tranquility of your home is such a gift. We appreciate your hospitality very much and are especially grateful for the fantastic picnic your prepared for our seaplane adventure. Our only regret is that we do not have another week to enjoy this wonderful place.
Alicia & Andy (UK)
We appreciate your attention to detail, the character of the property- a perfect blend of thoughtful luxury and wild natural beauty! Thank you.
Greg & Susan (AZ)
Our one night away from home felt like one week! This is a paradise and more than a perfect place to recharge your soul. Thank you for an amazing breakfast and for the detailed tour of your lush gardens.
Julie and Warren (BC)
Thank you for sharing Heaven on Earth with us.
Craig & Phyllis (AZ)
The Canadian Wilderness is magical! What an experience!
Keith & Annie (AZ)
Thank you for the relaxing vacation and the great company and excellent breakfasts!
Bill and Marsha (MN)
This is the first week of our 4 week holiday in which we crammed as much sight seeing as was humanly possible. We enjoyed many, many new experiences and new beautiful sights, the best of which was here. Unbelievable house, unbelievable location and fantastic hosts! Who wants to go to Hawaii?
Inge & Angelina (Germany)
This is truly a hidden paradise. You have created a very special place for people to relax and unwind. All of the environment is complimentary to itself from the interior to the exterior. Thanks for a special place in all our hearts. A picture can never do justice to what you have here.
Jeff & Lynna (AZ)