Corporate Events and Retreats

Morningside Estate is a perfect location for the small corporate retreats intent on really focusing in on business success. There are few distractions at Morningside and all of the essential services are right here or available. The venue features open Internet access, excellent cell reception and the Great Room can become configured for any style of meeting that you want.

In addition to a great, quiet space, Morningside has lots to do from a recreational viewpoint and the services available allow you to focus entirely on what you need to accomplish. When you need a place for a corporate retreat, Morningside is THE place to be.

If you are a small corporation you need to have a plan to execute that is simply better than the competition. What sets corporations on a trajectory for growth is smart thinking and that does not happen by accident. One of the best things that you can do is get your management team together for a focused intensive retreat. The success of the retreat depends in a very big way on making sure that where you go has the facilities to help you but not the distractions.

Las Vegas is NOT where you want to go for a corporate retreat! Your goal is to find a location that is comfortable, inspiring, has all the infrastructure you need and staff that understand your needs and the importance of what you are doing. Re-focusing and re-energizing your management is the power behind your organization’s future.

There are companies who know the importance of planning…they come back to Morningside year after year. They know that the venue is well appointed (it has hosted several television productions). They know there are no distractions. (except whales and eagles). They know that staff will make sure that all of their needs are met so that they can attend to the serious business of planning for success. They know the venue is easy to get to and from and they know the value of isolation without being disconnected.

If a corporate retreat is something that would energize your company, you should consider Morningside Estate!